Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Pastdue Credit Solutions Ltd. values your privacy and will not sell, loan or otherwise exchange your details with third party companies for marketing purposes

Pastdue Credit Solutions (PDCS) are a debt recovery agency who work on behalf of a number of different clients.

This privacy notice describes how Pastdue Credit Solutions uses your personal information when you use FundBy Bank to make a payment. When you choose ‘Pay by bank account' to pay, you are using FundBy Bank.

This notice only relates to the Pay by bank account (FundBy Bank) payment initiation process. It does not relate to other payment methods, such as when you pay by bank transfer or credit or debit card.

You should read the Pastdue Credit Solutions Privacy Notice alongside this privacy notice.

What FundBy Bank is

This is a new payment method where you safely transfer money to us directly from your bank account, through an authorised third-party provider.

You only use this payment method when you choose ‘Pay by bank account’ to pay.

FundBy Bank is a safe way to pay and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

FundBy Bank (also known as Fundby, or Lloyds Bank Pay) is a service provided by Lloyds Bank which enables customers to make payments direct from their bank accounts through a regulated payment initiation service.

Your personal data

Pastdue Credit Solutions Limited does not collect your personal data during the payment process.

To allow us to collect the payment, once you consent to the process and having read this Privacy Notice, we will pass a unique identification number to FundBy Bank. We then receive a response from the FundBy Bank process indicating whether your payment has been successful.

How we use your data

FundBy Bank will use your data to make a payment request to your bank. They will fill in the payment reference and amount, so that you do not have to input these.

You need to sign in to your online banking or mobile app to approve your payment. Your bank will then action the payment request.

Your password and sign in details will only be shared with your bank. They will not be shared with us or with FundBy Bank.

We do not share your name, address, postcode or any other personal data with FundBy.

If you do not want to share your data using FundBy Bank

You do not have to use Pay by bank account (FundBy Bank). You can choose another way to pay.

How you give your consent

By selecting ‘approve this payment’ you are consenting to this Privacy Notice and giving your permission to be transferred to your bank to make the payment.

You will be redirected to your bank or building society to securely sign in and approve the payment.

Contact us or make a complaint

You can contact us if you have questions about this privacy notice or want to make a complaint. Please see the main Pastdue Credit Solutions Privacy Notice here for further details.

Our Data Protection Officer is:

Paul Le Poidevin
Data Protection Officer
Pastdue Credit Solutions Limited
Email: [email protected]


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